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Power steering issues in the winter

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The last few days I’ve been having some issues with my power steering. Yesterday was -6C (not too cold) and if I would try to turn my wheel when stopped I would get a loud chirping noise and the steering wheel would shudder. If the car was moving at all it was fine. Today was -23C and it was doing the same thing. After driving for 30 minutes or so the problem seemed to have gone away.

I checked the level of the power steering fluid and it was fine. I’m wondering if the fluid could be frozen. I had the belt replaced a few months ago. Is anyone else having an issue with power steering this winter?
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I brought the car in last week to get checked out. Apparently there are two bolts that hold the alternator tight and one of those broke off. It moved a bit which loosened the belt and made the steering harder. The shop had to order a part from the dealer but in the meantime adjusted the belt and tightened the remaining bolt. It's been fine the last few days.
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