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2004 FSTi 6 speed manual
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Highland Forry,
I'm just along the road from you - I'm in Kyle of Lochalsh, we're virtually neighbours!!
I've also got a 99 S-Turbo - it's had a few mods, not quite finished yet but getting there. Booked into AF for remap in a couple of weeks then onto the bodywork after that.
Sup pal ,:woohoo: a fellow Highlander....sweet ,Im actually in Whitebridge and the Foz is undergoing mods atm ,Im Lucky that her bodywork is sweet but im sure the bloke i got it from kept her in the sea as her under carrage is a bit saggy lol ,so ive been welding for the last week and buying bits n bobs from fleabay:chair:

Where do you get your parts from as theres nothing up here i can find : apart from the scrappy at muir of ord :icon_frown: and theyre parp

Im not up for lowering her as all my Veedubs in the past have had their arses scraped to atoms on the crap roads and cattle grids and as im nearly hitting 40 so need the comfort now ,but deffo into engine and poly rubber mods ,oh and of course SS exhaust...giz a shout if youve any spares and sugestions tho pal :Banane35:
Also into motox and trial bike riding as theres so many places to go.

Cheers m8

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1999 Forester S Turbo Manual
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Hi Andy,
Good to hear there is more than just me up here. If you got your Foz up here, the underside is always going to be a bit iffy - must be something to do with the clean highland air!!
Regarding getting parts, most come off fleabay, but I've also picked up a few bits off the marketplace here - and you can also put in requests for anything you need, the members are usually pretty good at pointing you in the right direction.
I'm right with you regarding lowering, up here it doesn't make any sense - matter of fact I've raised mine a couple of inches - replaced the SF suspension with some SG struts and uprated but standard length springs, so it's slightly stiffer but without the drop, with the added bonus that standard SG lifts the SF!! Worth bearing in mind as you can pick up SG struts reasonably priced.
Regarding other parts - you'll notice once you have a look around the forum, that sites like 'opposed forces' and 'buy parts by' are commonly visited sites - OF is good for getting part numbers, and bpb usually have the best prices for standard items.
You'll also find that alot of impreza parts fit the Foz, but you have to make sure that you marry up the correct model impreza with your Foz - depending on what area you are working on - once again I've found that the members here are a wealth of knowledge in this respect. Once you have discovered which Impreza parts are suitable, Scoobynet is a good source of parts too!

Cheers Bud,

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1999 S-turbo/OB Limited 5MT
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Although I'm a member already since August 2012 I just detected this European section.

I'm from Moenchengladbach, Germany.

For me as a passionated hunter my Forry 2.0x, 2010, is the ideal car.:banana:
Im close but unfortunately cant afford a hunting license In Germany "Yet" And had to leave all my firearms back in the states.
Im in Breyell-Nettetal Germany 8 mins from Venlo NL

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Hi there,
my name is Ted i am from Greece, Athens.
I have a Forester MY06 XT with VF43 STI TMIC warlbro fuel pump and full decat exhaust.
Also strut lift 3cm all around.
Thank u,

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2004 looking 6 MT
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hi all
phill in bromsgrove,just taken delivery of 2004 forester sti,believe it was "castors" car,was useful checking old posts to check history of car.loved my first drive home and the car beat all other fozzies i looked at hands down for condition and feel.big thankyou to castor for his efforts,hope to continue in his footsteps,and to gumballpaul for not being able to keep hold of a car for more than 4 months!

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2005 Forester 5MT
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Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel and I'm from Bucharest - Romania.

I own :
1 x Subaru Forester 2.5XT (on going project) made in 2005 (slightly modified - air intake system from Cobb, BC Coilovers, 2005 STI TMIC, BOV HKS SSQV, ...)
1 x Subaru Impreza 2.0 v1-2 STI made in 1995 (rally car with a lot of mod)

I have to admit that this forum has been my source of inspiration.

Thx to all,

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2011 Forester
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New Member from the Black Forest

Hi everybody,
I just joined the forum to get some information on wiring the OEM backup camera to a Kenwood Head Unit. Not that easy where there is no ready made adapter to be fount.
I have an 2011 SH 2,0 Forester with a OEM HU made by Clarion.

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