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Post Your Locations

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.. in your sig please , it helps if you are looking for a service or parts from someone...

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Little old me in London

Greetings from North East London where Foresters are few and far between!
Not that few and far between, where are you?
Woodford Green

..and you?

just on my way back from Boston US where every third car seems to be a Subaru!
Loughton chigwell borders
Looks like we'll bump into each other sooner rather than later. Look out for a black MY05 forester 2.5 xtn!

forester at 3mn dot c0m if you need to email me.


Im in a silver stb

you will hear me first, lol

if you fancy a beer, ye old kings head opposite chigwell school, let me know


What nights are you there?
not as often as i would like

can make most nights, for an hour and a pint,
OK. I'm tied up this week but will drop you a post for next week. Wendesday's are normally the best for me.
1 - 5 of 237 Posts