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Hi folks,

I am a long term Subaru Legacy driver but am now looking to have a Forester as my next daily drive.

I am based on UK but have mostly had imported twin turbos. I recently discovered the 2.5 XT manual Foresters make similar power so that's the ultimate aim.

However, I've got the option on 2 2ltr models, one normally aspirated, one turbo, both 2002 plates. Neither quite as powerful as a twin turbo or even my current 3.0 Legacy "Sports Tourer" but cheap enough for me to see if I can get along with a Forester before I go spending more on a 2.5.

Are there any common fail points I should be checking when I view these cars? What mileage are they capable of? One has 150,000 On the clock, the other has 225,000 which is a bit more concerning. Is the latter likely to last another 5-10k to give me a chance to save up for another?

Really glad to have found the forum, as there doesn't seem to be as much love for Foresters in the UK as even the Legacies.

Good to meet you all!

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