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Please help - radio and clock not working

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Hey all,

I installed some gauges today and now my radio and clock won't work. Both harnesses are plugged in tight and I checked all the fuses.

I had an issue with the factory security system as I tried starting the car after the install and the horn was beeping and the security icon was flashing. I was able to stop this by putting the key in the ignition and hitting the alarm buttons on the remote a few times.

My questions are:
-Is there a code for the radio?
-The light for the clock illuminates, but no numbers - what's up with that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Did you have the battery disconnected while you were doing the work? If the issue isn't an wiring problem, try disconnecting the battery, press on the brake a few time to drain any residual charge & reconnect the battery. If it's just a glitch, this should clear it. :smile:


My MODding Journal
Hey Bobby,

Thanks for the insight. I overlooked the second fuse in the engine bay fuse box. I had checked the radio fuse in the cabin box and it was intact. The one in the engine bay fuse box was toasty.

Incidentally, replacing that fuse fixed the radio, the clock, and the security system. Go figure...

Thanks - Mods, we can close this one out if you like as this mission has been accomplished.
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