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Background: I'm 71 and have shopped for over 40 cars in my life (includes wife's cars, helping daughter, company cars) -- The point is experience with dealer shopping.

I don't mind a "good" sales person. Good in my book means:

-- knowing his/her cars & the competition's comparable cars, although, in general, I've done my research and know what I want,

-- dealing with you professionally, courteously and without condescension,

-- eliminating mind games (holding your car keys after looking at your trade in, calling over the "manager" for the close, etc),

-- not sitting in their office with you in front of them & chugging away at their chintzy $30 paper tape calculator for half an hour as if they were working on global warming (it's really very simple...),

-- respecting your time when you know exactly what you want and are ready to go given a decent net price,

-- giving you some space & time and not constantly being "on" you,

-- being straight forward and giving a competitive price net of trade in value,

-- and, yeah, a decent personality and a little sense of humor would go a long way.

Dealers carrying US "big" three (what are they now, Larry, Curley & Moe Autos, Inc?) cars are the worst in general and exclusive foreign car dealers are usually quite a bit better.

The best sales experience I've had was buying my second Subaru. I searched Subaru's web site and emailed three dealers to start. The dealer I bought my first Subaru from never answered; another dealer emailed me to say someone else would follow up and they never did; the third sales person was great. He responded immediately, gave a quite reasonable quote including trade in value (surprised me that he quoted trade in value, even subject to seeing the car), and sounded like he had an IQ higher than a pigeon. When I went to the dealership, he lowered the net price by $1,000 based on trade in value increase and I signed on the dotted line...

It sounds like I should recommend him, but I had a second experience with the same guy, who was new at time #1, and it was more usual car salesman using sales approach #14.

The paper work guy (who also tries to sell financing, extended warranties, etc) at the same dealer was a pain. I don't buy extended warranties; he started offering it at $2,700 and ended up in a series of steps at $800. I told him "no" at each point and that I wasn't interested at all and he appeared irritated with me when I didn't buy the warranty.

Well, I'm on my way to get my fourth Subaru in a row; I'm really excited about the new Outback. I hope the dealers don't tick me off; I'd like to make 72.

P.S. I love my wife's 2009 Forester (except maybe the 4 speed automatic).

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Good luck on 72!


& the OB too!

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Good post.

Both our Subaru purchases, from two different dealers about 1,000 miles apart, went quite well. Here's hoping they're the rule, not the exception. Even the dreaded F&I experience wasn't bad, and in the second case was quite pleasant as the young lady handling paperwork that day was a complete hottie. I wanted to ask her to explain every little detail but my wife was soon on to me. :icon_wink:

Funny how some dealerships make buying a car a more difficult experience than buying a house.
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