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2000 Forester L 5 Speed
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I have a 2000 subaru forester L 5 speed and I get a little tired of the play in the drivetrain. You can only shift so fast without making a really uncomfortable ride and it also bucks at low speeds. I believe its just my pressure plate but I don't know what else there is I can do before I pull the engine to do the pressure plate change. Ive done the two lower engine mounts, pitch stop seems fine, transmission mount, relatively new cv axles, and the spark plugs and everything are newish so I do know it isn't something misfiring at low engine speed.
I also have 225/70r15, which is a bit big and makes some extra work for the drivetrain which at low speeds just accentuates that bucking.

Does anyone have any recommendations on pressure plate upgrades as well as a good clutch to match?
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