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2000 Ford Focus Wagon 5 speed manual
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I purchased a pioneer 4300 from a friend of mine, he also gave me the bypass module so I can watch the goods while waiting; okay now to the question.

Blue antenna wire from the wiring harness, everywhere ive looked people have told me to splice it into the blue antenna/sub wire from the headunit, I also have a blue wire from the module tho , ive tried splicing all 3 together, and ive also tried leaving them alone. Nothing has fixed it for the signal too work.

Ive also checked the settings for local radio stations, nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't know what this is doing in the fuel economy forum, but that blue antenna wire only raises a power antenna. There is a different, coaxial type antenna wire. It's black, like 1/4" in diameter and doesn't look anything like all the rest. I don't believe your or any other forester has a power antenna, so you'd be alright just capping that blue wire off
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