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2001 EJ257 Hybrid S 5MT 5MT
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After 10 years with Melange, I was forced to say goodbye to my original 01 forester after a nasty run in with some black ice. Heartbreaking, but bittersweet in the end.

This is because @Wessneroo of fame just sold me his beautifully customized and suspension-upgraded 06 XT! You may know it as Roo II, being named as Matt's second Forester. Keeping in line with themes of new and reborn since this new-to-me car will be the recipient of multiple power upgrades and more from Melange as donor, I give you, "Phoenix."

Purchased 3/19/2017
135,XXX on the clock
2006 Forester XT Limited 4EAT
Crystal Grey Metallic

Here's Matt's original member journal, to catch you all up to speed on how she sits:
Wessneroo's 2006 XT - "Roo II"


Power & Cooling:
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
STI Catback Exhaust
Grimmspeed TMIC
Mishimoto TMIC Y-Pipe
STI Radiator Caps

Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount
Tokico D-Spec Adjustable Struts
STi Pink Wagon Springs
Scooby921 Rear Strut Spacers
DIY HDPP 3/8" Saggy Butt Spacers
STi RSB Mounts
Kartboy Rear Subframe Locking Bolts
Whiteline 24mm adj. FSB
Whiteline 22mm adj. RSB
Kartboy Front Endlinks
Kartboy Rear Endlinks

2012 WRX 15 spoke, 17x8 et50, 235/50/R17 Yokohama s.Drive Ultra High Performance Summer

Legacy GT Calipers and Rotors
Akebono ProACT Ceramic pads
STi Master Cylinder
STi Brake Booster
ATE Superblue Racing Fluid
Turn In Concepts Master Cylinder Brace

Engine Bay:
Kartboy Battery Tie-Down
Snorkus Delete and Fender Plug
Grimmspeed Oil Cap

Momo Subaru Automatic Shift Knob
JDM Dash Top Double Din Radio Mount
JDM Red Hazard Switch
Dual Forester Single Din Dash Cubbies
Pioneer AVH-P3300 BT Headunit
Reverse Camera
FXTSPORTS08 Passenger Airbag Indicator Delete Harness
Diode Dynamics Interior Stage II/III LED Kit
Subaru All Weather Mats
2006 Legacy GT spec.B Steering Wheel w/ Audio Controls
Axxess AWSC Steering Wheel Control Module
Hella Supertones
STi Aluminum Pedal Set
2007 STi Limited #411/800 front seats (heated, leather)

Llumar Ceramic Window Tint - 35% front, 20% rear, 5% sunroof
Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps
Subtle FORESTER Front Plate Delete
Blacked-Out Headlamp Housings
Blacked-Out Grille

2001 EJ257 Hybrid S 5MT 5MT
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Going under the knife has commenced! Only a little bit for now though, until warmer weather hits and the real heart surgery gets underway. Melange will keep on giving, even in the afterlife.

Mod #1: Kartboy Battery Tie Down
Mod #2: Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount
Mod #3: STI Radiator Caps
Mod #4: Plastidipped Black Grille
Mod #5: Grimmspeed Top Mount Intercooler w/ Mishimoto Y-Hose (Grimmspeed splitter on order)


2001 EJ257 Hybrid S 5MT 5MT
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Mod #6 : STI Catback Exhaust

Picked up an STI Catback with a deleted resonator for only $80!
My last build had a full 3" system, and it got a little loud sometimes on long trips. I'm enjoying the nice rumble but quiet cabin now. Plus, I have plans to drive some for lyft and uber to make side money...

And, SNOW!!!


2001 EJ257 Hybrid S 5MT 5MT
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Got a little bit more done! Ski season is officially over and I'm heading to my shop at the marina to begin work on all the sailboats for this summer. That being said, I put my summer wheels on! Was also able to pull a few more things off Melange to transfer over to Phoenix, before the huge overhaul happening soon... more to come very soon...

Mod #7 : Walbro 255 fuel pump

Mod #8 : Kartboy front endlinks


2009 Forester XT 4EAT
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Holy Hell. You pulled it off!
Excellent man. So happy it worked out. Enjoy her.

(looks like you caught up with another member as well? if i know my SHs as good as i think i (creepy))
Subscribing. Interested in seeing how Roo II / Phoenix transforms. Yes @FXTerrific, That was my Scooby. I'm still surprised when I see pictures of this Forester beside Scooby as to how tall mine is-even with a 1.5" drop. lol

2001 EJ257 Hybrid S 5MT 5MT
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LOTS OF STUFF! And even more on the way!!! Gearing up for a massive overhaul...

Grimmspeed Limited Divorced Downpipe
Grimmspeed Catback Adapter
Grimmspeed Alternator Cover
Grimmspeed Hood Struts
Grimmspeed TMIC Splitter
All Grimmspeed respective gaskets
Schaeffer's 5w40 oil
Fumoto Valve

I also got a message from my painter that my new JDM scoop is done being paint matched and ready for me to pick up!

So many more things on their way to my PO Box! Once I get everything I need in one spot, and my new AP3 is loaded with a base tune from @MikeDrives1, I'll be doing a massive weekend install with the goal of it being complete and road worthy in time for Monday...
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