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Perrin Steering Dampener Lockdown in Sand

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I need some advice from the off-roaders. If no one in this forum can help, I'll post in the Suspension and Handling forum.

I'm thinking of installing the Perrin steering dampener lockdown on my 2018 Forester XT. I use it as the trip/highway vehicle, but I want it to be able to perform well in beach sand for beach driving. That's why I'm hesitating on the Perrin. Military tactical off-road vehicles have often intentionally had a lot of slop in the steering system to manage off-road conditions. And that slop is what the Perrin eliminates.

So if you have a Perrin installed and you off-road, particularly if you drive on a beach, I'd really like to get your feedback on how that works. I'm not really interested in rock-crawling, but I'd like to hear rock-crawler feedback too.

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