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1998 forester s
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:huh:wasn't sure where to put this one, member suggestions welcome if i should move it. wondering if my performance numbers sound about right, 98 dohc auto, 116k. i'm a big guy about three hundred lbs and probably had about a hundred pounds of junk in rear when runs made, tank at about a quarter full, car feels pretty spunky around town but seems to chug on highway, wondering if i have a partial clogged cat, keep in mind these numbers are off a stopwatch and for the most part were on relatively flat roads, please turbo guys no laughing, 0to60 is averaging 9.5 to 10 seconds, with a 2000rpm power brake launch and a slight tire shake, 40to60 around 5 seconds and 60 to 80 about ten seconds. beyond 80 feels like it's been neutered. maybe it's just me but my 183k 2.2 legacy L seemed peppier on highway, maybe weight and aerodynamics affect the forester, i am going to be fixing a half assed knock sensor connection thats hanging on by a thread, could be holding it back a bit? thanks all!!!
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