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While at Peoria Subaru for my 18k mile service (12/2/2017) I was told that my Forester also needed it's front and rear differential oil replaced and for their "free" tire replacement warranty I would need an alignment. I let them know that all service work was covered by Subaru for 24k miles and was assured that Subaru only covered engine oil and that the differential oil was listed in the service manual (which I didn't have with me). I told them they were scamming me but if the service manual called for the diff oil to be replaced to do it along with the alignment for the "free" tires later. $300 later I'm out the door. When I get home I check the service manual and see I have been indeed scammed. I called Subaru of America who investigated and I was told that Peoria Subaru service considered Arizona to be extreme weather and that the diff oil was replaced due to that. SofA did give me a $300 parts/service goodwill voucher to made up for the scam that was run on me.

Last weekend a friend of mine who drives a Forester as well had a similar experience with Peoria Subaru hard selling unneeded service. Same service writer as I had. So if you take your Subaru to Peoria Subaru stay away from Danny, or better yet, stay away from their Service Department.

Yesterday I received a UPS delivery from SofA which had me confused since I hadn't ordered anything. I opened up the box and found a Yeti Hopper 20 cooler with a couple of Subaru key chains attached. I must say the SofA knows how to treat their customers who had been screwed over by unscrupulous Service Departments.

Kudos to SofA for their actions dealing with this issue and a warning to everyone about Peoria Subaru's hard handed Service Department.
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