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Pedders strut top nut tool PITA?!?

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I'm having a bad day. :(

I'm trying to replace some pedders shocks with pedders shocks (cheapest option since I can reuse the springs, otherwise would have gone KYB).

The top of the strut has flat sides rather than a hex or torx fitting.

What the hell am I supposed to use to hold that while tightening the 19mm strut nut?

Any ideas would be amazing.

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Exactly like that.

How can I apply correct torque to the 19mm nut while holding that?!
Haha! That's exactly (and I mean exactly) what I did, but it is supposed to be torqued to 50nm, and there's no way that my angle-grinder-attacked adapter is going to achieve that, quite apart from the fact that it's turning the wrong way for a torque wrench...
Product Page | Cannon Tools

This looks like the official tool??
I don't think you'd be able to access the 19mm with that, even if you could get that on the strut.

Probably a better option than the mole grips around the socket approach
You can't get an offset spanner in there.
Ok, so I have found a good workable solution which I thought I'd post in case others have the same problem.

I'll try to attach a photo too.

KS Tools 150.9439 which is a special quasi socket with 8mm hex top.
Deep 8mm 3/8 socket for giving extra length to above tool.
3/8 ratchet handle to hold the above.
Chainsaw scrench with 19mm and 17mm ends. Must be 17mm at the wrong end (or larger) to allow access for the above tools.

You can use the screwdriver bit of the scrench to drive it, or put an adjustable spanner on the outside of the 17mm end (which is possibly a better solution depending on the quality of the scrench).

A box spanner might be fine, but they tend to be much longer than screnches!

Hope that helps somebody some day!

Seems like this is


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