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Pearl White and Metallic Silver in Body Repair

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I'm in the process of purchasing my first car and Subaru. I prefer crystal white pearl and ice silver metallic, however, someone told me that both colors are difficult to match in body repair -- this is important since I'm a new driver. Any opinions? Which color is easier to match? Thanks!
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Are you planning on doing the work yourself if you are in an accident? If not, don't worry about it. Just buy the color you want.

Any reputable body shop is going to employ a painter who can do the work competently. If for some reason you're not happy with the quality of work you receive, you can always get them to make it right. Extreme worst case, your insurance company will step in and get the correct repair made.

From a technical perspective, neither color is especially tough to match. Subaru's pearl whites - Crystal K1X, and Satin 37J are both pretty easy to spray. Their bases are very normal whites, and their pearls all behave well. Some pearl whites are a pain to match because of the specific pearls they use, but Subaru's colors are all reasonable. In fact, the last time I sprayed the Crystal, it was on a bumper and it matched dead on with a single coat of the mid-coat pearl over the white. That's pretty much unheard of with tri-coat paints. Long story short - you're fine.

I've never personally sprayed G1U Ice Silver, but I just looked it up and it's mostly a Medium Metallic colorant in it, with about half as much coarse metallic. That makes for a very reasonable metallic color to spray. Tough-to-match metallic colors are usually very fine, especially when they have lighter colors mixed in (beige, blue, etc). This Ice Silver is a very normal metallic silver, nothing special about it. Mazda 46G Machine Gray is crazy to spray, a very complex process to lay out the base coat correctly. Other than that, there are very few colors that anyone would have any trouble with.
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I had heard of the color match issue also. Great explanation. Many thanks.
I loooooooove my pearl white. Don't be so freaking negative. :)
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