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So I am prepping a new to me motor to put into my 2009 subaru forester and I want to replace the pcv hoses as they always get brittle and crack. I am having trouble figuring out how this system works and what the actual part numbers are for the hoses. It seems like there is one hose that attaches to the actual PCV valve which goes directly to a nipple on the intake manifold. But below the pcv valve on the threaded press in adapter for lack of a better word, there is a 90 degree bent tube that comes out the side which has another hose attached to it which has a white plastic connector with what appears to be a dummy plug on it that goes directly to the air box.

I cant figure out what the first hose without the plastic connectors part number is, it shows up in this picture as FIG.050 on but the webpage doesn't actually list a part number for it, and the FSM isn't much help, it only describes how to remove and reinstall the clamps.

here is a picture of my actual motor for a better illustration of what im talking about


also why are there two hoses for the pcv system now, why does one go through the pcv valve and the other bypasses the valve and why does one go to the intake manifold and the other to the air box and why is there a dummy connector? so many questions! my 2003 forester only has one line that goes to the air box so I was pretty confused when I seen this setup.
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