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2013 BRZ 6speed RWD
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Well thought I would share my Daily Driver build. Picked it up late December.

Here it is:

2000 Forester

Here is a photo of what it looked like when I first got it (this is just a random photo because I can't seem to find a 100% stock one)

Picked up a set of Cusco Coilovers local that were brand new and never used. Lowered the car a LOT on them (right after the drop, before settling)

After I look apart the stock corner lenses and removed the amber pieces

Then I managed to find a JDM grill for cheap... to bad it was red :(

Brought my grill to local paint spot, got it color matched in a spray can, sanded down the JDM grill, taped it off, and gave it a blast, perfect match

Hella Horns!

Reded the amber on my tail lights

Some yellow stained glass paint!

Garden Depot front lip ($8.99 worth of supplies! haha)

BBS LM Reps!


2013 BRZ 6speed RWD
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Looks badass! :bacon:
You've done a couple things I've still only got sitting on the shelf in the garage... :frown:
Any hopes of that H6 swap? or you still concentrating on that JDM MY93 you were talking about?

I'm trying to get the JDM WRX on the road before I do any swaps on this as its my driver ;)

The WRX is actually a 1992 (aka pure AWESOME), the PO was wrong, and when I got the papers it said 1992, checked the VIN and sure enough it was a 92 :)

I am thinking about maybe just building a high comp 2.5na engine for it as I already have a set of delta 2000 grind cams

2013 BRZ 6speed RWD
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well after selling my fozzy when i bought my JDM WRX, it managed to work its way back into my possession (minus the BBS LM reps).

This time I decided to make some power with it.

I bought this a couple days ago:

2004 WRX engine, complete harness (front to back):

To go with it i have picked up a few other mods:

- 840cc modded stock injectors (i had a spare set sitting around from one of my older builds)
- Front mount intercooler set up
- 3" turbo back exhaust
- Catless uppipe
- Tactrix cable (had already)

Not sure what im going to put on it for a turbo yet but be sure its going to be big haha

As well the coilovers are no longer on it but i have a full 2006 Impreza wagon set up. This includes all the hubs so rear disc conversion (0kms on it, came off brand new car before it was turned into a racecar) And im going to put swift springs on it

I also have a set of BBS RSGT replica wheels that will go on in place of the BBS LM reps.

2013 BRZ 6speed RWD
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well the picture the guy sent me of the engine wasnt the right one. The one i got from him was much dirtier, but still low millage. It just needs good cleaning. Anyway!

So now for the power. First things first.

The engine EJ205 from a 2004 WRX:

Everything that came with it!

S-RS 3" Turbo back exhaust

Front Mount Intercooler because of lack of hood scoop!

BRAND NEW Forester Spoiler from subaru

The HELL that is wiring the EJ205

04 Harness bulk head before starting

VIC Harness

All unwrapped:

Moved the operation outside

Bulk head, VIC Harness all stripped, cut, and labled and beginning to be wrapped

Left over from the bulk head and VIC harness

Fuel pump controller and harness

Fuel pump controller harness stripped and ready to be wired

Getting Supplies

EJ251 Ready to come out

Dash out

Beam out

Wiring outtt

2013 BRZ 6speed RWD
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Cut, solder, shirnk, repeat

All spliced

Taking a Break to fit the front mount


WRX engine out of the Trunk. Bought one off a member on here but it decided it had to many KMS. Bought another one from my friend and im using the other one for a build

Getting ready to split the engine and transmission

Exhaust off, final piece before removal

Engine spliting Special tools # 1337

Came apart in one tap!

SOHC 2.5 is out

Flywheel and clutch on

Dropping in

In place and bolted to the transmission

Engine in and everything just about hooked up

Burnt plugs

Now for the front Mount, flange i made so i can use the stock BPV in stock location

Mocking up charge piping

All bolted together and drove it back into the garage for the night

All back together

Runs and Drives perfect, no CEL's, Flashed to stage 2, starts up like a factory WRX.
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