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2009 2.5X Premium/Manual
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I just noticed on my used 09:

The Passenger seatbelt warning light is a little red light in the center panel where the clock is. It flashes when the key is turned if there's weight in the passenger seat and the belt is not fastened.

But in my 2009, it flashes every time, even if no weight in the seat, or even if there is a passenger who is already buckled up.

Also if the passenger takes off the belt while the car is moving, the light DOESN'T come on, while the user manual makes me think it should.

Is this how all of yours behave? I'm wondering if the previous owner tampered with the seatbelt warning system... And I think the airbag and other computerized restraints are programmed to look at what's going on with the passenger seat and seatbelt. Is this a safety issue???
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