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Hey ya'll from Memphis TN,
Was just recently given a '03 2.5X from my parents after a bad experience with the bank with my Tacoma. Any way I am now a surprisingly very proud owner of a forester. Never knew how much of a tank these things really are (hence the log in name ). Was really into off road with my old truck and I’ve seen a few post/pic’s of some nice forester rigs on the forums and would love to get my new baby dirty so any suggestions or parts to start off with would be great. Thanks to ya’ll you started up this webpage. Looks to be a great place to get some advice and just talk story with fellow forester owners.
Oh ya. If any of ya’ll live in the area hit me up. Would love to get together and maybe do some off road with ya. Once the rigs ready that is lol.

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester! My first Forester & first Subaru was an '03 X, which I inherited from my dad. I moved on to an '07 FSXT last summer (June/09) & I passed the '03 X to my son. :smile:


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