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Hello, I am new here and wondering if anyone can help with some part numbers for the front differential fill and drain plug or point me in the direction where I can locate some more resources.

I'm based in Australia so there are limited aftermarket resources so I've based a lot of research on the guides offered by the US. There is not a big market for Subaru parts in Australia compared to the US, as all the dealers want you to go back to the dealer for all services which I understand. But it is extremely pricey here so, in an attempt to do it myself, I am hoping if anyone can help shed some light on locating part numbers/resources. So I plan on doing a differential oil replacement and want to order some parts for backup in case I need it (Fingers crossed I don't).

I've located some part numbers based on some other forum posts I've read but could anyone confirm if I've got the right one? I believe the "H01621" is the drain plug? But where is the fill plug?

For context, I've also got a 2016 Forester 2.5i CVT model.

Many thanks for your help!


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