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Painted Wheels!

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Finally tackled this mod as I hate hate hated the stockers. I really like them now. Wife and I were SUPER pleased to see how well this turned out. Was WELL worth the time and painstaking effort for proper prep work.

Start by removing wheels.

Clean the snot out of them. I cleaned with dish soap and a brush first. Then a Scotch-brite pad, then SOS, then soap and water again. REALLY get in there to get all the brake dust/rust out.

Now sand with 320 grit paper.

I decided to paint the center caps and the inside of the wheels black, while painting the outside graphite. I used Duplicolor primer (3 coats), then Duplicolor wheel paint (graphite) 3 coats, then Duplicolor wheel clear coat (3 coats). Came out perfect.

Remember to mask area off.

Painting back black.

Painting center caps. Helps to balance them on a beer bottle to allow all angle access.


Prep inside to paint outside (only if different colors)

Prep outside to paint outside... (I fixed the messed up playing card before painting.)


With caps...

On the car (crappy night pics, will get better later.)

All in all these two wheels took me about 10 hours. This was with VERY careful prep and taking time between LIGHT coats. I also wrote a paper and did some work between, so it's not all work.

SO worth it. Will do other side on Tuesday.
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Wheels look great...brings up the topic I see mentioned here. Folks have winter wheels.

I'm thinking that would be appropriate. What is the best way to get steel wheels? Junkyard or ???? Then I assume folks mount a pretty aggressive M & S and live with the noise?

I'm in a warm winter area (left coast close to the water) but travel to snow country frequently but it will always be at least 150 miles before there is any snow.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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