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2006 Forester XT Limited A/T
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I am a new member to this site but long time Subaru owner. I own a 2006 Forester XT automatic from new in BC. I am getting a couple codes that have stumped me and Subaru.

The car started giving several different codes P2431, P2444 and another code I have since forgotten. Replaced the two valves with new units from RockAuto, lubricated the air pump, backflushed (and washed) the air filter on the air pump and reset the codes. Two codes came back immediately P2431 and P2444. Reset the codes and pulled the air filter on the blower, same codes. Checked the relays, reset the codes, same codes returned.

Took the car to Subaru who said the valves and blower were working and could offer no suggestions.

1. P2431 Secondary Air injection system air flow/ pressure sensor circuit range performance
2. P2444 Secondary air injection system pump stuck on

Reset the codes. Over the next 5 days, no return of codes. (9 starts, 5 cold, 4 hot) Then the same codes came back.

I would appreciate any ideas for a cure (other than block off plates and delete codes as that is last resort).

On the last resort, does anyone know a tuner in BC that could do the code delete? The closest that the Tech at Subaru suggested was in Portland. That involved buying a programmer which seems odd as I would have expected the tuner to use theirs and not have to have one per vehicle (advice on this item is also appreciated).

Thank you in advance for your help and interest.

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This thread may give you a start to solving:

"Search" is your friend! ;-)

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