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P0851 and P0327 Error Codes

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I just got 2 error codes that popped up.
P0237 Knock sensor (0BDII Bank 1 ) This looks like a pretty straightforward fix. I just need to take the TMIC off first.

P0851 Park/Neutral Switch. I can't find much out there on where this is and how to replace it. Are there any videos? This would be why its really hard to shift between Park and Drive right?

Parts are already ordered from Rock auto.

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neutral safety switch is usually next to the shifter on transmission, it has a electric plug on it , to show ecu it is in park and safe to start car engine, , if bad it wont let you start the car in park or neutral, it should not prevent shifting, but it is a subaru - test neutral switch by turning car to on, but not start, and move to neutral, and then try to start ,if it starts in neutral but not park, then switch is bad,
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