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2001 Forester
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Hi all,

Newbie here, great job everyone the forum looks great. I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on what do, I have been having trouble with the check engine light as of late, took it to the dealer, they said, O2 sensor, Knock Sensor, Catalytic Converter and this P0734...Gear 4 Incorrect Ratio. The service man said I should replace all but the Trans code, he said it was most likely erroneous. I decided to have them replace the Knock sensor as I didn’t know where it was, and re-flash the computer. Then I replaced the O2 sensor, plugs and wires because it was running hard. That fixed the most noticeable issue of "chugging", "hesitation" and the light stayed off.
However since I got the car, (1 yr) when shifting from park to drive, sometimes it seems like a very hard, jerking start, the only way i can explain is if something doesn’t catch, but then suddenly it does and shifts, hard to 1st, but while driving I have never noticed any hard shifts, ie 4th gear. The first week I had the car, the rear differential froze while on the Highway, 1500 dollars later, Im not sure there is any connection there. My entire family has had Subaru’s and been really happy with reliability but I have not had wonderful luck, I take care to not drive like a complete idiot and always do proper preventative maintenance. I also drive around 150 miles a day, which means every month is a oil change.

So thats my story, sorry for the long post, and any help offered would be greatly appriceated, Thanks for reading and suggestions in advance ladies and gentlemen

2001 Subaru Forester 93,000 mi
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