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P0457 from bad Purge Valve?

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Just bought a 2008 Subaru Forester automatic this past Summer 2018 with 116,000 miles. Already had to change an oxygen sensor, dang TPMS light stays on, rough shifting when it is below 30 degrees, and gotta love that "Cruise" control blinking when it throws a code. Okay, to my pressing issue right now. Keep getting the P0457 code when gas tank is under 1/4 tank, guess that is when computer tests emissions system. Tried changing gas cap, even tho OEM cap looked good, still get the code over time. Ever since I got the Forester was very disappointed with the gas mileage, only around 22 mpg with the 2.5L non-turbo. Also noticed that when I fill up on gas, it has a hard time starting, rev and rev until eventually starts. Couple times even had to pump the gas pedal to get it to catch. Think I have read that these symptoms could be related to the Purge Valve being stuck open, going/gone bad. Is this something I could change myself? Lil confused between the diff. between the "Purge" valve and the "Vent" valve which I believe is under the vehicle close to the charcoal canister and seems to be more of a pain to change. Of course, I could be way off! When I get the chance and it is not freezing and snowing here in NH, will look for obvious signs of a leak and broken, loose hoses. Trying to avoid having to bring it to a mechanic to do a smoke test. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Is this the Purge Valve Solenoid behind the alternator?


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