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SO, the other night coming home from a trip, I start my Forester in the Airport parking lot and the check engine comes on...and the Traction Control...and then the Cruise Control comes on blinking.

Well, after calming down some I went and bought the BlueDriver OBDII plug-in tool. Turns out the error code I was getting was the P0455 (EVAP-large leak) which is normally due to the Gas Cap not fitting right. I cleared the sode and done. Turns out a few weeks prior, (ahem) I lost my gas cap at the gas station (ok, fine, I left it on the roof and forgot to put it back!) and I drove to Autozone to go get a replacement filler cap. I assume not having a gas cap on during that drive started the counter for the code.

Anyways...My point is - go get the BlueDriver OBDII reader for your Subaru. #pieceofmind
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