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2007 FXT vf37 swapped 4EAT w/ VDC
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=not very Forester related=

I was assisting a friend and fellow forester owner (I don't think he's a member - yet) with a brake job on his 170k mile outback. It was the first time he'd done brakes. With much wailing and gnashing of teeth we got the rear rotors and pads on. The fronts were less of a priority, but we had the parts so we started on them at the end of the day. The front passenger side caliper bracket was frozen on but we were able to break it free. We couldn't use the same tricks on the front drivers side and decided to button everything back up until we could get access to air tools.

tl;dr- I had taken extreme care with every bolt of the project, but on the very last possible bolt (holding the caliper to the bracket on the front drivers side) I sheared the top off. I felt guilty about it but he didn't let me pay for the bracket. I did get the nasioc discount for him though so there is that. He considered it a risk of the project and a cost of learning. Still, I want to minimize his expenses. I'm going to call the dealer on Monday to talk about the repair. Since the bracket has to be removed to do rotors anyway, I'm thinking the bracket replacement should be included in the price of the front brake job. Am I wrong?
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