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Hmmm. And here I thought the ENTIRE purpose of this thread WAS for going to far....
Apparently I've been misled.
Not to demean your legendary status mate, but no one has a pipe that long (UK to US) and besides, we don't use metric fittings here...
In my case, my threads connect to female fittings and I presently limit that connection to one.
Sorry if you are disappointed..
Well actually, I'm not.

I would just like to point out that @Kevin started this …… so im going back out of any other shady comments .
Sure - Blame it on the other guy... Any other shady comments.... I find THAT hard to believe.
In defense of those Down Under (and occasionally lost in the outback), Kevin's quote appeared to be based on generally accepted common knowledge, and could be as easily interpreted as being provided for commentary without any intent at double entendre, thereby merely an innocent mention of fact with motivation as pure as a fresh driven snow...

In the right light, a halo can be clearly seen...

Oops... That would be going off topic because serious matters should rightly belong in a technical forum, which this thread clearly isn't.

I hope that in the future, you at least attempt to behave, even though everyone knows you won't.

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To be fair your son cannot be that old to know its wrong, as you are not that old . from memory you looked about 30yrs .

Mind you if you started at 16yrs your son could be ….

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just been hit with a parking fine :mob:

I'm really annoyed because i tried to sign up to the app (ringgo) and when that didn't work, spent 10 minutes on the phone to an automated service trying to register the car. When ultimately that didn't work I had to find a cash point and shop to get some change for the machine.

The problem is, this was a week ago when I was on holiday so the parking ticket got binned in the post-holiday clean-up. No idea how I'm going to prove that I was OK to park.
101 - 120 of 126 Posts
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