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ORS forum ?

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since I know there are members here that belong to both forums

I went to the website this morning, and was reading an announcement that it was being moved to a new server, clicked back and I got a screen showing that it is a Reported Attack Page. Now I'm being blocked from the site.
Anyone here know what's up ?

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I got the "this page may harm your computer" warning too when I tried to load the site. I'm trying to get in touch with SuperRu, hopefully he has more info.
We got a warning from Google earlier today. Kevin is working with our tech folks to get it fixed.
What's the "ORS forum"?
Glad I'm not the only one seeing that. Pleaid7 have you heard anything form SuperRu?

EDIT: you can still look at the page if you want. Bottom right of the red box theres a link
Last I heard was that a fix was in the works.
The tech folks tell us the site has been cleaned up. We are just waiting for Google to remove the warning.
Looks like the bad guys are winning. The site is down again.
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