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Hey guys,

Been trawling this wonderful resource, but can't seem to find the differences between a 2010 XS S3 and the 2010 XT or other trim / badge models, if anyone has any idea or where can find this info be great !

Otherwise just wondering general opinions on the 2010 XS S3 as plan to pick up as manual, with the EJ254 cylinder Petrol Aspirated 2.5L; Will be doing 60% short driving, 30% long driving, 10% track roads/off road driving,

The car's at 150,000km's and will be inspecting properly on pickup in about a week, but been serviced regularly, done a little bit of towing, but hasn't seen any oil leaks or had any work on the head gaskets. If anyone's got any other ideas on what I should take note of specifically for this forester please let me know as greatly appreciated <3

Cheers heaps looking forward to sorting the rig out, and potentially might give it a lift!
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