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Having an issue with 2014 driver's side daytime running light. Initially I thought it was the bulb. Bulb is not the problem. If the relay or parking brake switch was a problem wouldn't both daytime running lights go out? Any help would be appreciated. I searched but found mostly DRL disable posts or both DRL out which are completely different issues.

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It would suggest , if the drivers side bulb is OK and the passenger side works as it should, that the problem lies either in the plug for the bulb or the part of the loom feeding that particular bulb.

Both bulbs are fed from the same fuse with a common feed, as is the return to the DRL relay.

(Wires marked OD for system without DRL)


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Please describe the location and appearance of the bulb in question. DRL on that model and year is truly the high beam, dimmed by a resistor.

Is this a previously owned car? If so, might the previous owner have changed things?
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