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2003 Forester X 5 speed
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Okay let me back track to the night before just in case this is related. I was driving for a bit then got to my destination, after the car was off I noticed a high pitched noise which was coming from the front grill near the Subaru symbol. I unhooked the battery and the noise went away. I was a little worried something would drain my battery so I unplugged it overnight. Come the next day. I plug it back in. Keep in mind it's very cold out there 7F in the morning and probably colder last night. The noise was gone. But then I started the car. It turned over flawlessly however after what I would guess to be 2 seconds it just shut off. I tried again but this time pressed on the gas to keep up the revs and it eventually normalled out after a few seconds of studdering. The fuel light was also on, but I had fuel. Eventually with a little driving that went away too.

I'm sure it has something to do with the cold; hopefully. But I don't know exactly what happened. Anybody have ideas on this.
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