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OK, if you were 30 yrs old which would it be ?

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Two young professionals, career minded, one 14 month old child, might ? have another later, both 29/30 yrs old. Need second car as a family car, commute (40 mile round trip country B and A roads), family visits (100 mls round trip), want the space. Approx 15/17k mls per year
So decided ... estate and diesel.

Is it...

2007 Skoda VRS estate, all the trimmings 54 K mls fsh etc....


2006 Jaguar X type estate 42 K mls fsh etc

Both same price.

I said the Jag would be the better buy over a 4/5 yr period ( that is what they think) as it would hold it's value better, but then I am not a 30 something !!!!

So...opinions please.


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Jag for me. Bigger and smoother. A brilliant family waggon.
Not sure what all this Mondeo bashing is about. It's an excellent car in itself. It's reliable, comfortable, handles well and anything based on any part of it is bound to be great.
Not sure i could live with myself if every time i looked down at the steering wheel there was a SKODA badge looking back. It may have good engine and be fast, but a turd sprinkled with gold dust is still a turd.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts