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Still new enough to these cars that I have much to learn.

What are those long passages sticking out on the oil pump for? The ones with plugs screwed into them.

Would they possibly be a place to plump an oil cooler into???

I have not looked into some of this much, been to busy with business again but I need an oil cooler for track days and adding a sandwhich behind the filter, then a cooler and plumbing adds allot of cost and weight, both are the enemy.

It would be great if we can use the stock pump if fittings can be attached there.


I heard a rumor, all I know for now, is the STI radiator may fit in our Foresters and it is thicker(which I can really use) but it may also have a built in oil cooler.

If that was so it would be a very nice, low cost(if can find a good used one) upgrade for those of us running track days, etc.


I want to research more but a bit overwhelmed, have been most of the last three months with huge business growth. Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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