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Hello I wonder what oil is poured into the engine? How many miles have you changed? Does it decrease before replacement?
How many liters do you add to the 5,000 miles? At 5000 miles I added 2.5 liters of oil (total) I added Shell Oil to 0.20 and then added 5.30 more other oil How
What brand of oil do you use?

The engine went through a total 80 000 miles

Fuel: LPG

i live in georgia (Caucasus)
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Great pics. Sadly the engine does burn oil, and it is best to keep on eye on it with regular checks every week or two. More often-- like every second gas fill up if you are doing long highway trips especially in mountainous areas.
Full synthetic of any brand should be fine. I used Valvoline high-mileage 5w30 for my most recent change to see if it helps lessen the oil loss. It is best to not let it get below the lower dot on your dipstick. The amount of oil it takes to get between that lower dot and the upper one is roughly 1 L.
By the way, you can expect to need to replace wheel bearings more regularly if you go through water like that on a regular basis. Beautiful night sky in that last pic.
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