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When I was changing the intercooler hoses I've some quite big oil stain just just where induction connect to turbo collar? Please have a look on pictures. The intercooler on its own, and hoses was dry. There was some oil but it was really nothing, throttle was dry as well.
My initial guess is PCV valve (which I've already order and going to replace anyway) or maybe rocker gasket - although I would expect in this case oil would leak rather somewhere on the bottom? Anyway, I am going to change the cover valve gasket today.
Do you think it might smth else? I will be grateful for all suggestions.



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just looks like the hose hasnt been on tight enough and its just where any intake oil has wept out, i had the same on my tdo4 cleaned it off and re installed the hose and no more oily stain. you will always have a little oil residue in there wether its from the breathers or the pcv it isually collects in the ic!
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