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Hi guys,

I did multiple searches on the forum and came up with sporadic info about off-highway vehicle trails and parks. So, I thought I'd put a quick list together. I was contemplating putting this in the "Offroad Fozzies" section, but decided to go with the Pacific forum instead. Feel free to move if necessary.

Anyway, here is a list of Cali sponsored OHV trail Websites, as well as some not-so-sponsored BLM trails. I hope this helps some of you off-road enthusiasts. (CA OHV and SVRA Parks Website) free (great Cali backroad info, including some NV too) free (more OHV and BLM lists) free (simple list that shows Cali OHV and BLM lands) free (contains clickable map with gps coordinates for So-Cal OHV) free
U.S. BLM Website (for OHV recreation trails) free (should go to Cali map) 14-day trial period with registration. Not-free, but fairly comprehensive Website

Happy trails! :rock:
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