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I stumbled upon this site while looking for tips on how best to fit out a Forester as a camper, and my first thought was, "Of course there's a site for Forester people" 😁

Anyway, my Foz is a blue Plain Jane '04, bought second-hand for $3500 last fall with all of her 105,000-mile maintenance already done. She's the second Forester my family has owned, my daily driver, my circus wagon and ballet barge (I'm a professional dancer and performer), and I'm far more attached to her than I ever expected to be to a car. I don't have plans for any high-end mods, but I want to keep my Foz going strong as long as I can, so here I am!

I'll try to get some good pix of Plain Jane (who hasn't really had a name til now, lol) to stick up here, because it seems weird not to have any 🤔
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