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Oh No !! Wagons from HELL !!!!!!!!!

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To get things started here....I'd like to proclaim that Turbo Foresters are the Poop.

Please discuss

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Oi8ur5.0 said:
Oh....and you have a Black one too. So's mine. I should squeeze that into the Sig somewhere.

After it gets going....we can break it down a bit further and proclaim that Black Turbo Foresters = Hells Angels Status. I'm talking Mom's and Dads scooping up their kids when we pull up...kinda stuff. :twisted:
Plus the Black one's are faster. :twisted:
SuperRu said:
Are you sure? :lol:
Yeah, the molecular structure of the black paint allows for a lower coefficient of aerodynamic drag.

(In case you haven't noticed, I'm stirring the pot a little.) :D
Quicksilver said:
I was thinking that a white one that had gone through a Hail Storm might have the a golf ball, the dimples allow it an advantage in breaking the wind...;>}
I don't need any advantage when it comes to breaking wind.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts