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I am keeping every dimension stock.

geo A/T-S

As for DT's website, try and see how it should work.

If there fear is "no matches" for a 48offset......BUY WHEELS WITH A 48 OFFSET. The 09 Forester is one of the most popular cars around right now and it would appear that DT has nothing to offer those that want to swap out their stock rim for something else.

No matches is a weak weak argument.

All this thread as done is make me start and end with tirerack,com

I am finished.
If our wheel brands built it, we would show it. Right now if you are looking for a 48 offset we offer the MB Gear. Our website is ever evolving. Make no mistake, we do not "fear" showing no options, we choose to show additional options. If we had no options that fit your Forester you would see, a display page like this one. Cherokee SRT-8 The Forests is a versatile vehicle that allows the owner to customize it to their driving conditions and their wants and needs. Although our list contains a wide range of offsets, I am sure that there are even wider ranges that this vehicle will except given an appropriate tire size. As for the display, we are working on displaying the size information so that it is more clear for you. For your reference. The link below is to the 48 offset MB Gear. This wheel can be found in your link above. Please note, the link you provided above is a link to the products that are readily available in the local Los Angelas, CA area. For Canada check out Home - Discount Tire Direct. Here you will start to see the improvements to the Product descriptions. You will also be able to get a to-your-door delivered price. We ship to Canada UPS ground FREE (customs, duties, fees and taxes must be paid upfront)

Mb Gear

If you are interested in upgrading to a 17" option like what is found on the XT models Here is a list of 48 offset wheels that can be found on our mail order website here: Home - Discount Tire Direct. Your local store may stock some of these items and can special order any of these when requested. I have taken the liberty to sift through the 48 offset only 17" wheels for you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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