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OEM Side Visors (Wind Deflectors/Rain Guard)

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I noticed that there wasn't a clearly dedicated thread to this part that's come up in a few older threads. If this is a re-post and my search abilities just couldn't uncover it, my apologies in advance. Hopefully this will be of interest and useful to any other new owners of a used Forester.

After recently acquiring a used '04 FXT, one of the first parts I wanted to add on was the side visors/wind deflectors over my windows. Upon researching here and looking into companies like WeatherTech®, it looks like there weren't many options. There are C&C CarWorx as well as several other non-branded/generic solutions, but nothing that really had the aesthetic of the OEM option. (Like other fellow owners who had shared that sentiment, I agree that the OEM/JDM option looks better than the alternatives. Despite the much higher price tag.)

Many of the older threads pointed to Japanparts as a potential source, but given how old the topic/interest/application may be, it's no longer offered. I kept searching auction sites and google and couldn't really find these new. Until I eventually put one and two together, from visiting a couple different Subaru forums, and figured out the parts number. That lead me to Parts.subaru and that didn't work either, because they're no longer available.

After a bit more research, I discovered Partsouq and found that they still offer them for a fairly reasonable price (before s/h).

They fortunately, even have a photo to confirm (many of the parts do not and you have to reference other parts catalogs to confirm if it's what you need).

As of today (10/31), they still have 2 in stock at $134.80 before s/h. Approximate s/h was $65 to California and it shipped very FAST and securely (box was supported on both sides with thin wooden planks to support the cardboard better for international travel. They also opened the parts box and packaged the visors in bubble wrap as well and resealed the box). It was shipped via FedEx International Priority and I received in about 4 days (Ordered on 10/26 and arrived on 10/30). It was my first order with them and likely not my last, for parts that are harder to source stateside. (Attached photos for anyone curious about their packing and what not)

The Part# is E3610SA000


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Have you had a chance to install them yet?
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