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OEM battery with 24F - Hold-down tray modification?

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OEM battery of our 2015 Forester is getting weaker. It takes a little longer to crank. I am planning to replace this battery with Group 24F battery. This battery is about an inch and quarter longer.

Those who have installed 24F group battery, what modification did you do the hold-down tray? I will really appreciate if you post a picture of the modification.

Honda has a battery box for their V6 batteries and it takes 24F battery, but I noticed that Subaru's bottom plate has grooves for right fitment. This one does not. So not too sure if I can use this one.

Would love to hear if anyone has other ideas.

Thanks in advance.
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My $.02, you'll probably need an adjustable hold down set up... As far as the tray, drilling a couple holes for the J-bolts should suffice....

JEGS 10264 Universal Battery Hold Down
just cut a slit in the four corners of the tray and bend the edges back, it's flimsy. You'll also need to cut the battery cover if you want to put it back on. I did not make any other modifications. Factory hold down works fine as-is.
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