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O2 Sensor - how to disconnect?

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Hi all,

I've got a 2004 x-trim that the front 02 sensor seems to have gone bad on (P0032). I want to disconnect the sensor at the wiring harness so I can ohm the heater leads and verify the heat element is shot. But I'll be darned if I can't get that connector to disconnect.

Looks like there's a little tab on the side and when I depress it, I get a little "click" and seems like a slight shift in the connection - but it will not separate! What am I doing wrong here?
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Thanks Bobby, I read that thread before posting but did not find it very helpful. Reason being is that no one specifically addresses how to treat the tab. Do you press down on it? Or do you slip a screwdriver under it an lift up? Or something else? The one reply about grabbing it and the tab with pliers would imply you press down.. but I wish someone could just be very specific about the treatment of the tab.
Yes, on my MY'03 you press down as per my post:

They can be very difficult sometimes. I grab the plug and tab with pliers and then wiggle the other part until it frees up.
So grab the plug with one jaw of the pliers on the tab itself, press and hold.
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