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2004 Forester XS
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So last year in the bitter, bitter cold, my aftermarket ignition coil failed and caused my cat to get red hot, damaging it. Drove it for quite awhile anyway and recently replaced it along with both O2 sensors. Before this repair the only code I had was the P0420, indicating Cat probs. That code is now gone and has been replaced by P0037, P0131, and occasionally, P0030. I bought some cheapish ECCP O2 sensors on Amazon so maybe that is my problem? I ordered a couple more from Ebay to see if they happen to fix the problems im having. I can definitely tell that replacing the cat made the car run smoother and have more power, but with the O2 sensor codes I feel like im using much more fuel than usual. Ive read of people having to splice the O2 sensors back to the original factory O2 plug / clip and im just wondering if this solved the problem for anyone else? I dont really want to have to splice anything but if it makes my codes go away, I'll try it. Been working on these problems for quite ahile now and just want to take care of it for good. Thanks

2004 XS 139K miles
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