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Our first Subaru was a '84 GL Hatchback 4WD 4 speed 1800, 2 ranged TC. Car was good, but not so able on the highway after limits went up from 55. we bought it in '87, I gave it away in 2007 as worried about rust and body integrity, but it ran great even near 180K miles.

Our second Subaru was a '03 Forester 2.5X 5 spd man AWD, also good car but it had been in a minor wreck which I repaired, and a couple years ago I did a timing kit job on it between treatments, but I had been smelling oil and with miles, figured soo would need head gaskets. I had determined that I was gonna buy the "Wife Unit" a new one once cleared from some health issues.

So, now to our third Subaru, this past week, here in 2019, I took her to the dealer to drive Outback and Forester, she fell for the 2019 Crystal Pearl White Sport. We picked it up Tuesday. Now she's reading the books. Heard her tell it good night last night, it didn't answer so that I could hear …. :grin2: ….. She loves it. We'll be married 40 years this year, she's been good to/for me.

I only did this post to introduce me, not sure did a intro post those years ago. As you can see, I've been here "sort of" since 2007, but not so active. I'll try to do better.:thumbsup:


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