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Aloha... err Howdy,
It has been a while since I have posted and some things have changed. I moved from HI to the very cold state of KS (moved this last Dec). Got to love the Army. My wife and I got rid of our black 99 Forester S for a new dark gray 2010 Forester XT :D I love it so much!
However, I have some concerns b/c I am a noob. Is there a way to protect the intercooler from debris, i.e. a screen or something at the mouth of the hood scoop? Also the XT has the sport-tronic thingy transmission and I have never driven a manual, so I am a bit clueless on when to shift. I fear that I’m gonna get my new car to spit out gears, which I believe is a bad thing. Also I am interested in doing some relatively easy modifications that will not void the warranty. Any help and info would be much appreciated.

Now for some pictures...


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Welcome back to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester, perfect for the weather in KS! :wink: Thanks for posting pictures. Very nice looking Forester. :cool:


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Welcome back.
I'm not sure you would want to restrict the air getting into the intercooler by blocking the scoop, even if you have some leaves get in during the fall, you would still have air getting into the engine compartment at least.
Also it could become just part of your weekly maintenance, pop the hood, check the fluids and if there is any debris you can remove it. But I can't recall seeing this being a concern for other XT owners even with their bigger scoops.

As far as the transmission goes, pay attention to the shift points when left in Drive, with the sport-shift you have the option of holding a particular gear longer if you are accelerating or just driving around, or just put it in drive and let the transmission do the shifting. It'll take a little practice but I don't recommend trying to redline your shift points:huh:. I'm not a fan of using the automatic for down-shifting to slow the vehicle. My school of thought is the brakes are cheaper to replace than the transmission and you can always downshift the transmission once you get slowed down.

Don't forget to service the transmission and differentials periodically, over and above the recommendations after all you treat your engine to regular fluid changes why not the rest of the components.(actually you don't need to change the transmission/differential fluids that often.:icon_wink:)

I'm sure others will chime in soon.

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Welcome back from Minnesota! Nice looking FXT!

Oh, so that's what snow looks like. Forgot. Haven't had any all month. Going to be in 70's this week. How about that?
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