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Hi everyone,

Not happy this morning, on the way to work some stupid person went up the back of the subaru, grrrrrr...

The rear bumper is a real mess, the tow bar fitting is all mangled. Its driveable though.

What do you think will happen, I guess a UK bumper would fit an import?



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oh! dear someones brakes werent as good as yours then.

I had someone try to park a renault clio in the back of my forester a few years back and the bodyshop where all like "oh! import, <noise of air being sucked through teeth>"

In the end they fitted a back bumper from a uk spec and all they had to do was sand it (so they could spray it as they come in matt black) and cut a hole for the fog light.

When they take the back bumper off make sure the panel behind is straight and also they repair the bracket behind the number plate properly. (see image for what they look like after an impact)


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