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2004 Forester XS Manual
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I got stranded tonight when my "new to me" 2004 XS started making some strange banging/rubbing sounds if I exceeded 45mph. I thought at first that I must have some ice buildup on the inside of one of the wheels, but couldn't see anything. I tried driving again and the noise returned. I got out a sheet of plastic and a flashlight and crawled under the car a little further and after enjoying the balmy 5 degree weather for a few seconds I realized that things did not look like they should on the right side of the rear differential... I am not sure yet what broke...

Can anyone with some mad Google skills help me find a diagram and parts list? I am not looking forward to the quote that I am due to receive from the place that towed the car, but I would like to have some idea of how things work back there before I talk to them.

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