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Not a newbie to Subarus but I am here

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Hello, I am mzizgayle, owner of a 2019 Forester, 5th subaru (2nd forester). I use to be a loyal customer to another brand but when I left work in a Nor'ester and wrecked the car several years ago, slightly, it was time for a Subaru and have loved them since:smile2:

I decided while grocery shopping to stop off at the new local Subaru store and came home with this also. Hubby just said, I figured you would do this.

After pouring thru the ton of manuals and playing with buttons, getting use to the newest features added, I have a couple of questions which I cannot find answers to, so figured I would come to the people who know best, better than bugging my sales person once again for minor things. So do you have a special place to ask questions?

I checked here and could not find the answer to how to program my key fob to make my lights flash when i unlock or lock doors (really like that feature):crying: so help?
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Welcome. Subaru, the official car of New England! LFOD!

Check out this hometown view on my wife's blog: Colorful Journey: New Hampshire and Wisconsin!

Not everybody reads the New Member Introductions, so I am posting a link to your key fob question in the Lighting and Electrical Forum to attract greater attention.
thank you for the welcome, I have been here in NH for over 20 years and cannot ever picture living anywhere else now. It is lovely here, and so much to see, even in my small town, of course it took a while to get use to the snow falls LOL. I originally come from the DC, Virginia area. I'll check out your wife's blog
Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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I'm originally from Massachusetts but lived in the DC suburbs of Maryland for about 40 years. Work related, of course.

Happy to be back home.

Up here people know how to drive in snow, so it's no big deal. Winter wonderland!
I originally come from the DC, Virginia area. I'll check out your wife's blog
That's where I am!

Welcome, and I hope you get an answer to your question!!
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