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Check here for the latest meet updat information.

Currently we have

Planning for a Cincinnati area meet and cookout at Hueston Woods State Park (a couple miles north of Oxford) on Saturday, June 19th.

The time: starting around 1pm
The location: Sycamore Grove picnic area, location 'A' on the park map: park map

There are permanent grills at all the picnic area along with tables, so all that is needed is charcoal, some aluminum foil and the food. If possible, it would be great if everyone could bring drinks or food like last year. I checked with the park rangers to see if we needed any special permits for a group and he said depending on interest and how many plan to attend we might have to get a large group permit which is $35 total, but otherwise it shouldn't be a problem. Also, it is park policy that alcohol is not permitted.

At the park there is a golf course, hiking and mountain biking trails so feel to bring your bike or hiking shoes and golf stuff. For more information about what is available at the park: Ohio State Parks - Hueston Woods State Park

Lastly, lets try to keep this as Subaru centred as possible, and those that come please keep it mature, I dont want us getting kicked out of the park. Ricer behavior (excessive speeding, burnouts, or otherwise being a dumbass) will NOT be tolerated (the Park Rangers are aware of this event and will be checking on us).

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NOTE: Most people have poor to no cellphone reception on this side of the park, i will have my phone though so feel free to pm me for my number if you need help finding the park.
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