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2003 Forester X
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Similar problem

I have a similar problem in my 03 X 5spd.
I have 170K on it (original owner) and a whining noise started about 6 months ago that kinda sounded like a dogbox tranny does as they wind up.
In the last couple of months it has gotten alot worse.
It is vehicle speed dependant (not motor related), I have checked all axles and main driveline/carrier for any slop.
I have noticed that is seems a little louder at low speed medium load situations like 40MPH in 4th gear (about 2K RPM). Also at very low vehicle speeds like 5 MPH I can hear a distinct click, click, click that seems to be turning into what sounds like a gear whine at higher speeds.
Believe it or not I still have stock clutch in it at 170K but it doesn't seem like throwout bearing or clutch noise as clutch engagement does not affect it.
I changed tranny and rear diff fluids to RedLine at about 80-100K and the fluid level it still fine and does not look or smell cooked at all.
I am thinking it is some sort or output bearing or differential issue based on my symptoms.
Is there any way to confirm what the problem is without R&R?
1 - 2 of 20 Posts